eCommerce Manager


We're looking for a remote freelancer who can manage our eCommerce backend for all Boketo Media merchandising. To apply, you must have extensive experience with Shopify and its various tools. Duties may include product creation, inventory management, customer service, page updating, shipping, analytics and more. This is an independent 1099-NEC contract, meaning that you would operate as a self-employed entity through a basic work-for-hire agreement.

Click here and select the "Job Postings" tab to submit your application! Please include all information regarding your past experience with the Shopify platform and include examples of other storefronts that you helped manage.


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  • Shuib Abdillahi

    Hi there. Im a front-end developer specialising in Shopify theme development. I’m currently working with two clothing brands, my portfolio website:

    I usually do an hourly rate for $35/hr on Upwork.

    Feel free to email me or message me on Twitter @Shuayb__


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