Peter Riffin (2021)

Peter Riffin (2021)

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A hot single about love.

1. Peter Riffin

Written and Performed by No Dice
Mixed and Mastered by Will Carlson

Falling down when I'm golden in the Autumn
And I can’t explain it, wish I could change it
I don't remember how it all started
With something you said or something I didn't
But I remember who I was
Tell me something
You remind me of a song I knew when I was young
No one makes me feel how you make me feel
You know it's true
When everything you want is standing next to you
Like a light burned through
You're all I ever needed and I could never live without you
Only love you evеry time I see you
I still can't explain it, wish I would say it more
Only timе I miss you
Is every single time I see you go out the front door
But I remember who I was
Darling, you're a song that I've always loved

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