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    Get Sad Y'all
    Get Sad Y'all


    What are your current COVID restrictions?

    To help fight the spread of COVID-19, we HIGHLY ENCOURAGE wearing masks to our events and keeping them on - over your mouth and nose - for the duration of the event unless actively eating or drinking. Note that each venue has their own policies that may supersede our own, including but not limited to requiring proof of vaccination and masks. Please check the venue's website before buying tickets and attending. Additionally, we strongly suggest getting vaccinated against COVID-19 - find a vaccination location near you here. We will do everything in our power to make our shows a safe environment for everyone. However, attending a show during this time is done at your own risk.

    Are there age restrictions on your events?

    Depends on the city/venue. Check the event description b e f o r e buying tickets.

    Can my band play one of your events?

    Send a link to your music to and we'll get back to you if it's a fit. Please god don't email us more than once per week.

    I want to sponsor / donate product / be a vendor at one of your events. Is that an option?

    Yerp, we play well with others (usually) and love collaborating. Head over to the Get Involved section of the site and contact us using the appropriate email.

    I lost my wallet/phone/keys/soul at one of your events. What do I do?

    Sigh. Contact the venue to see if they have it.

    Are you associated with that other emo night in [insert random city here]?


    How can we work with you?

    Drop us a line using the appropriate email below and we'll be in touch!
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    • PR Requests //
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    • Vendor Spots //

    Can you do private events?

    Looking to make your wedding reception, company party, or other private event less mainstream and more alternative? Hire us to DJ! Our team has more than five years experience DJ-ing public, ticketed events and we're looking to bring the gig to you in 2023 and beyond. Choose from one of our battle-tested themes...
    • GET SAD Y'ALL - An emo & pop punk party
    • PEACE LOVE & RAGE - A divorced dad rock party
    • GRL PWR - A party celebrating women in alternative music
    ... or work with us to create the exact vibe that you're looking for! Rates start at $1,000 for a 3-hour event. Our availability is limited, so shoot us an email with the details of your event today by clicking HERE!