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Close All the Blinds (2020)

Close All the Blinds (2020)

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1. Persona Non Grata

2. Say No One's Home

3. Cult Leader

4. Falling in Line

5. Wilt

6. Threnody

Close All the Blinds, Lock All the Doors, Say No One’s Home
Release March 13, 2020

Written by Nathan Kane
Produced by Nathan Kane
Violin by Walter Evertone
French Horn by Steven Lund
Trombone by Samuel Oliver
Flute by Meeka Smith
Trumpet by Paul Lierman

1. Persona Non Grata

Push me out again
I'm unworthy of your time
It's inconvenient for you
There's no benefit
No addition for your gain
So I'm inadequate

I'll no longer grasp for hope
Cause I don't want to call you home

Those trusted lines are frail
Once so tight knit
Now a cheap fit
I won't hold on like someone who believes it

Ransom all I own
Beggars hands insisting
Butchers carve my bone

The trusted lines are frail
Once so tight knit
Now a cheap fit
I won't hold on like someone who believes it
Trusted lines are frail
Once so tight knit
Now a cheap fit
I won't hold on like someone who believes it

Cast me to the river
Dull me down
While I'm just trying to survive

2. Say No One's Home

Calloused eyes
A bitter gaze that shows there's no will left to confide
I'm walking alone
In silence I'll roam
No more light
No more its glow to bring this world in
Let the dark shine
No hope to be shown
A mountain of disenchanted bone
Close all the blinds
Lock all the doors
Say no one's home

Drown me in ice
Silence my fight
You won't feel me
You won't feel me

Maybe I'd been lost forever
Or just naive enough to sell
That if I endured the weather
You would trust and know me well
An impossible endeavor
Like your approval could be felt
Should have known any better
The disloyal build the walls to my house
Would you have it any different
Cause you don't want me to be found outside

Drown me in ice
Stifle my light
You won't see me
You won't see me
You won't feel me

3. Cult Leader

Truly you are something more deceptive
While posturing as something more serene
You’re feigning purity with an immaculate veneer
To lure in your congregation

Blessed are the ones in your favor
Lost are those upon a different path
Retribution served without relenting
The penitent deserving of your wrath

Realign the past so it’s convenient
Help them realize who they can’t trust
Introducing guilt replacing reason
Manipulate with fear so they can’t judge
If this is normal
This is normal
This is normal
This is normal

I didn’t ask for your screaming
The disdain that you poured on me
You’re withholding unfeeling
But you take when that’s what you want to be
Poisoned words and despair
Cause that’s all that you were
Every sound defeating
An apostate retreating
I was once a vessel for your bidding
Pining just to dedicate my love
I was once so trusting and committing
Giving into everything you judged
Gradually I realized the pattern
Cautiously I pleaded for no more
Desperate I attempted to maintain worth
But you excommunicate me from your world

There is no compromise
I am compromised
There is no compromise
I am compromised
There is no compromise
I am compromised
There is no compromise
I am compromised

4. Falling in Line

Holding on to every single move
Holding off for fear of what's to lose

Rot all my time
Everyone can see
You flourish and thrive
I demonstrate defeat

It feels so absolute
A disconnect
Ashamed of my pursuit
Made to care
I can't cut anything
To shrug it off
Would lose what I believe

Falling in line
To reach the end you seek
My focus rewired
I'll never find my peace

Is this not the end of everything
I have lost my eyes to others' dreams

Is this all that I could ever be
I am sold too short this isn't me

5. Wilt

In the morning
I awoke to find you gone
What in the darkness
Holds the guilt above my heart

The new season
I took risks to find the truth
A hope for someone else
Some other than myself

I felt the rain
I sensed my restraint

I played pretend to fit your world
I fought myself to be your whole
But all along I'd always known
In time that I would lose my hold

In the turning
Self defeat begins the call
Your renewing
Convincing me of all my faults

When I withdrew, your comfort grew
So surely I must be the fool
If loves a feeling that can bloom
Then why can't I give that to you?
I know that I'm much more reserved
It makes you scared, It leaves you hurt
A faithful hand is never worth
The pain that you never deserved

I cut you down to keep control
I let stillness consume your soul
When all you wanted was a home
I let you suffer through the cold

6. Threnody

All I've held
The weight and suffering
And all the pain I felt
Withdrew from me

All I've been
Restored through my defeat
No grief in my farewell
It's all relief

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